Marshall Public Library, Pocatello, ID
Marshall Public Library, Pocatello, Idaho
113 South Garfield Ave.
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
(208) 232.1263

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Book Discussion


All groups meet at the Marshall Public Library.
All are free and open to the public. Please join us this month!
Date Titles to be Discussed Information Contact

Monday, January 9th @ 7 pm


Amy Campbell 232-1263 x 105

Monday, January 13th @ 7 pm


Leslie Leukhardt
232-1263 x 113

Monday, December 16th @ 2 pm

A Talent for Murder

Kristy Lyon

232-1263 x 114

Monday, January 21st @ 4 pm


Kath Ann Hendricks

232-1263 x 111

Wednesday, January 15th @ 6:15 pm


Becky Hadley
232-1263 x 112