Library Tours

Tours of the Library are offered to any individual or group. Information and activities are tailored to the age and interests of the group.

Scheduling a Tour

Please select a tour that is of interest to your group, and schedule a time with the library tour coordinator. All tours must be scheduled in advance. The Library is a busy place, and we want to be sure there is sufficient space and assistance available for everyone to work and study. We also expect that the adults in the group maintain control of the tour participants at all times while visiting the Library.

Library Tour Coordinator

Kathryn Lopez Luker
208-232-1263 ext. 109

Tours Offered

General Tour

The general tour explores the resources of the children’s collection, the young adult collection, and the adult collection. If you have an area of interest, please let us know and it will be highlighted during the tour.

Time: Varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour

Grade School Field Trip

Grade school field trips feature storytime and/or a movie. This is a general tour of the areas of interest to the specific age group. Special attention is given to what the library has to offer, how to get a library card, and where materials are found. We suggest you bring adult helpers with you to assist your students in finding their information. The adult helpers should understand what will be expected of them and how they can best help the students.

Time: 30 minutes; allow 15 minutes of browsing time for kindergarten age and 30 minutes browsing time for 1st–6th grades.

Reference Tour

A reference tour explores the resources available for research skills, including using the computerized card catalog, the non-fiction collection, the reference collection, the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, and the internet.

Time: Varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours

Marshall Public Library

113 South Garfield Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho  83204
Phone:  208-232-1263

Did You Know?

The Marshall Public Library is named in honor of Wendell & Barbara Marshall who helped fund the building of the library expansion.