Internet & Computer Use

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers does the library have?

The reference area on the second floor of the library has computers for adult use (18 years or older).

Are there any computers for kids?

We have computers in the Young Adult Area for youth ages 11–17 and iPads in the Children’s Area for children ages 0–11. We also have homework computers that are available for all youth (anyone under 18).

What do I need to use a library computer?

  • Your Marshall Public Library (MPL) card
  • Your photo ID (if you have a MPL card but don’t have it with you)
  • A computer guest pass (just ask at the reference desk)

Additional Information

  • Don’t have a MPL card? Get more information on obtaining a library card.
  • If you have lost your MPL card, you can get a new card at the circulation desk for $1.00.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you may use your own photo ID, or the guardian listed on your account may use their photo ID.
  • You must use your own card/guest pass to access the library computers; you are not allowed to use a card number that belongs to someone else.

What if there isn’t an open computer station?

Speak with the library staff to reserve the next available computer.

Can I reserve a computer for a specific time?

Computer time is given on a first-come, first-served basis. If all computers are in use, you can make a reservation for the next available computer. If you need to use a computer for job and career searching, you may sign up in person at the reference desk to use one of those computers.

How long can I stay on the computer?

Internet use is 1 session of 1 hour per day per person.

Can I print from the computers?

Yes. Black-and-white copies are 10¢ per page. Children and teens can print 10 pages of homework for free. Any printing after that is 10¢ per page.

What kinds of things are not allowed on the computers?

See the Internet Policy.

Can I use a flash drive in the computers?

Yes, you can.

Can I play games on the computers?

Yes, you can. However, some games may require software that is not available on the computers.

Can I use the computers to search for a job?

The Reference Department has two computers available for job and career searching. Additionally, these computers can be used for creating resumes, searching for colleges or other training programs, looking for scholarships or other school funding, looking for jobs, and filling out job applications. Other uses are prohibited. A two-hour limit is enforced when others are waiting. Please sign up at the reference desk to use one of these job computers.

Do you have a computer that I can use really quickly?

One express computer is available. No sign-up is needed, and a time limit of 15 minutes is strictly enforced. No printer is attached to this computer. All other adult Internet policies apply to the express computer.

Can I use the computers if I’m just visiting Pocatello?

If you are visiting Pocatello, or just passing through, ask for a guest pass at the reference desk. You can also use our free Wi-Fi on your own device.


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