Meeting Room Policy

The Marshall Public Library has three areas which can be reserved for public meetings: the Dr. Minnie F. Howard Community Room at the north end of the first floor (in the “old building”) the meeting space adjacent to the Reference Office and the Children’s Story Room at the south end. These are the only places which may be reserved for public gatherings.

Use of these Rooms is limited to the capacity allowed by fire code. Filtered internet access is available in all Rooms, although wired access is available only in the Community Room.

Although the Story Room can be used for public meetings, such use is at the discretion of the Administration and is not encouraged.

The Meeting Rooms are available without charge to nonprofit organizations (designated as such by the Internal Revenue Service or the State of Idaho), civic associations, community groups, and similar organizations in the area served by the Library. Groups that wish to use a Meeting Room must complete a Meeting Room Reservation Form*, or supply the information necessary to complete the Form and designate a Pocatello resident who will take responsibility for the room. Exceptions may be granted by the Administration. Up to one (1) year with a maximum of twelve (12) meetings use may be requested on a Form at one time, although there may be no more than one (1) meeting held per week. Religious groups may use a Meeting Room with the prior approval of the Administration. Those using the Meeting Rooms agree to the following provisions, which are also noted on the Meeting Room Reservation Form*:

  • Library activities and meetings or other activities sponsored by the City of Pocatello have precedence and may displace other groups.
  • All meetings must be open to the public.
  • Use of the Meeting Rooms, including setup and cleanup is limited to the hours the Library is open. If the Room is not left clean a cleaning charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) may be assessed against the person listed as responsible for use of the Room.
  • The group using the Meeting Room is responsible for the setup of the Room as well as for ensuring that it is returned to the approximate state in which it was found. The Library will place the requested number of chairs, tables, and other equipment in the Room beforehand.
  • The person designated as responsible for the use of the Room assumes responsibility for all damages which are done to the Room and/or its contents during the time requested for the meeting. No smoking is permitted in any part of the Library at any time, and smoking outside the building must be done at least twenty (20) feet from the entrances.
  • No charge may be made for attendance at any meeting or workshop, nor can a request for a voluntary donation be made. Charges to cover the cost of materials may be made with the express advance permission of the Library Director. Groups which collect dues may not do so in the Library or on Library grounds.
  • A group which disturbs others will be asked to “quiet down” and if it happens again they will be asked to leave. If such disturbance happens at a second meeting the group will no longer be allowed to use the Meeting Rooms.
  • Certain equipment, such as projectors and screens, are available and must be indicated on the Reservation Form. Equipment must be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Absolutely no equipment may be taken out of the Library.
  • There is no charge for using the Internet connections.
  • No group will be denied use of the Meeting Rooms because of the content of the meeting unless the exclusion is necessary to serve a compelling governmental or community interest which cannot be served by a less restrictive action.

The Meeting Rooms are accessible to persons with disabilities. Interpreters for persons with hearing impairments and/or taped information for persons with visual impairments can be provided upon three working days’ notice. For accessibility arrangements please contact the City of Pocatello’s Americans with Disabilities Coordinator at 208-234-6248; the group using the Room is responsible for all associated costs.

This policy is effective immediately and may be amended or modified at any time by the Board of Trustees of the Marshall Public Library.

Revised by the Board of Trustees
March 2017

*Completion of the Meeting Room Reservation Form is to provide information to staff and does not guarantee a reservation date. All reservations must be made through the Library Administration Office. 

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