As long as the needs of the Institution can be met with the existing resources and procedures at Marshall Public Library, the Library will proctor tests for students. There is no charge.

Requests to Proctor Exams

All initial requests for proctoring must go to Rebecca Ayre who supervises the proctoring service at Marshall Public Library. She will set up the student’s file and take care of any other things necessary to have the Library begin proctoring.

Students may contact Rebecca at 208-232-1263 ext. 107 or

All correspondence from Institutions regarding proctoring must be sent to, Marshall Public Library, 113 South Garfield Ave, Pocatello, ID 83204.


  • All correspondence from professors and institutions must be sent to so all proctors are kept current on status of requests and have access to passwords.
  • All students must make appointments with a proctor at least 24 hours prior to taking an exam. Exams must be finished at least 30 minutes before the Library closes to allow proctors time to finish before closing. Exams should be scheduled no earlier than 9:30 am.
  • If a student fails to make an appointment and there is not a proctor available upon arrival at the Library, the student is at fault.
  • The proctor assuming responsibility for the exam must ensure she/he is available for the entire duration of the exam. No proctor is to leave after beginning a test without arranging for another proctor to cover.
  • Institutions must send all attached documentation in PDF format in order to ensure the library has the ability to open the documents.

Proctoring Procedure

  • The Institution contacts and sends exam materials and guidelines to the Marshall Public Library via mail or email ( The library does not accept faxed exam materials.
  • Exam materials are filed by student name in the proctor files. Institutions using one sign-in username and/or password for all their students must send the sign-in username and/or password with each exam for each student in order to eliminate confusion. A one-time warning will be given. Failure to comply after that will result in termination of proctoring for the institution/professor who failed to comply.
  • The student contacts the library at 208-232-1263 ext. 107 to make an appointment with one of the three proctors to take their exam.
  • The student reports to the Reference Desk and asks for the proctor by name.
  • Students who arrive late for appointments may be asked to reschedule.
  • Students must show a photo ID.
  • The proctor begins the exam procedure, monitors the student, and fulfills the requirements of the institution.
  • The proctor is responsible for sending any materials or signing any forms to finalize the proctoring procedure.
  • Exams can be sent through mail or email. For mailing a stamped and addressed envelope must be provided by the Institution.
  • The library does not fax exams.
  • Students may not take exams with them when they leave.
  • Institutions requiring confirmation that exams have been taken may request an email from the proctor. We do not fax confirmations.
  • All proctors corresponding with institutions through email will ‘cc’ the email so all proctors are aware of all correspondence.

Marshall Public Library

113 South Garfield Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho  83204
Phone:  208-232-1263

Did You Know?

The library is open 66 hours every week for your convenience.