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Acceptable Use of Internet Access by Patrons

The Marshall Public Library provides access to World Wide Web and the Internet for the same reasons the Library offers other resources: to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits of appropriate and requisite quality. Because of the vast amount of material on the Internet and because of the rapid pace with which it changes, the Library cannot review all of the material that is available. Therefore, certain standards of acceptable use are required. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in loss of Internet access privileges; illegal acts will be reported to the proper authorities. Some examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to:

  • damaging, attempting to damage, or changing any computer equipment or software setting, including unauthorized installation of any software, pictures, or files; adding “bookmarks” or “favorites;” or changing the default home page;
  • violating copyright laws or licensing agreements;
  • except for a parent and child, more than one person using a computer without prior approval;
  • displaying or accessing sexually explicit materials or gambling;
  • engaging in any activity which is deliberately and maliciously offensive;
    using the Library’s computers to gain unauthorized access to any network or computer;
  • engaging in any illegal activity;
  • disturbing others;
  • eating or drinking while at the computer stations.

Use of the adult Internet computers is available to those 18 years of age and older. Those under the age of 18 may use the computers in either the Young Adult or Children’s departments as appropriate. Registered users may bring minors with them to the adult Internet computers if they are the minors’ parent/guardian; however use of the terminal is restricted to only the adult.


A printer near the Reference Desk may be used to print material from the Internet. Printing costs ten cents ($0.10) per page for black & white copies.

Scheduling Internet Access

Each person is limited to two sessions of up to one to two hours each day, depending on availability.

Revised by the Board of Trustees
March 2017

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Did You Know?

Marshall Public Library is a member of the Idaho Digital Consortium which has access to thousands of electronic titles through Overdrive’s Libby app.

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