Permanent Gifts Policy

A group or an individual may want to present a gift to the library which is intended to be a substantial and relatively permanent addition to the appearance and/or function of the library facility. A gift may be initiated by the donor or may be solicited by the library. Such gifts differ from the gifts of library materials or money covered in the gifts section of the Marshall Public Library’s “Collection Development Policy,” especially because they

  • May be intended to become a permanent part of the library’s interior or exterior
  • May be accompanied by an identifying plaque or other label
  • May require special security, cleaning, maintenance, or insurance

These permanent gifts should be considered by the library board of trustees. In some cases, the gift may be modified or even declined, based upon such considerations as

  • the limited space available for long-term gifts
  • the contribution of the gift to the appearance of the facility
  • the impact of the gift upon library resources
  • the contribution of the gift to the mission of the library
  • any conditions required by the donor.

The building committee of the library’s board of trustees will review potential permanent gifts, and after consultation with the library staff and discussion with the donor of the proposed gift, present a recommendation concerning the gift to the full board of trustees for action.

Reviewed by the Board of Trustees
February 2013

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