Petitioning and Distributing of Literature Policy

Petitioning, solicitation, distribution of literature or leaflets, canvassing, and similar activities are not permitted inside the Library. Exceptions may be made for specific Library projects; examples of these include, but are not limited to, the periodic book sales by the Friends of the Marshall Public Library or the solicitation of information from Library users which will be used to improve Library services.

Groups or individuals who wish to engage in these activities on the Library’s parking lots, sidewalks, or grounds may only do so during the normal business hours of the Library. These activities cannot impede access to or interfere with the use of the Library, and provision must be made for the proper disposal of unwanted materials. Excessive noise will not be tolerated.

Revised by the Board of Trustees
March 17, 2016

Marshall Public Library

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Pocatello, Idaho  83204
Phone:  208-232-1263

Did You Know?

Interlibrary Loan enables the library to lend items not currently in our collection from thousands of libraries across the country.