Unexpected Closings

While the Marshall Public Library exists to serve the citizens of Pocatello and makes every effort to maintain its posted hours of operation, hazardous weather, building problems, extreme cold weather, power outages, or other emergency conditions may make it necessary to alter the hours or even to close altogether. Of the options available—delayed opening, early closing, and total closure—the last is the least desirable and will not be implemented if other options are feasible.

The authority to unexpectedly close or modify hours of operation resides in the Board of Trustees, who delegate it to the Library Director or, in the absence of the Library Director, to the Associate Director.

The Library will consider closing or a modified opening or closing time when:

  • The weather is more than twenty (20) degrees below zero Fahrenheit (standard or wind chill).
  • Officials have asked that non-emergency trips be postponed.
  • The Library is experiencing a power outage or other form of building trouble.
  • The routes to and from the Library and the Library’s parking lots are difficult or impossible to negotiate with an ordinary car.
  • Conditions may endanger patrons or staff.

A decision to close or alter hours of operation will be made as early as possible. Once the decision is made, the Library’s emergency communication plan will be implemented. Staff will be paid for the hours they were assigned to work during an unexpected closing as if they had worked those hours. Materials due on a day when the Library is unexpectedly closed will be considered as due the next day the Library is open. Fines will not be charged for these days.

Revised by the Board of Trustees
March 17, 2016

Marshall Public Library

113 South Garfield Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho  83204
Phone:  208-232-1263

Did You Know?

The Marshall Public Library is named in honor of Wendell & Barbara Marshall who helped fund the building of the library expansion.